Mosaïque Digitale

Digital Mosaic

With our Digital Mosaic, create a digital mosaic with all the faces of your company or your customers by revealing your unique artwork.
Thanks to this online experience, keep the link between the co-workers, strengthen the team spirit by brinigng to your remote event an original experience they will use from their own devices.
Involve the participants in your e-event or your digital party.
Keep planning events : virtual show, virtual conference, virtual team building, webinar or corporate party.

The advantages of the Digital Mosaic experience





Add the Mosaic to your website et follow in real time the mosaic building tile by tile allowing guests to watch as the mosaic builds up over the duration of the event.


Add feature

To improve the user experience, take the pictures with our VIrtual Booth.

Sans téléchargement

No app require, no download

Just a link

Before the event

Pick the visual you want the Digital Mosaic to reveal and choose the opacity.
Choose your capture modes
Brand activation : People will use your hashtag on Instagram and Twitter and we will automatically upload the pictures on your Virtual Mosaic.

The day of the event

Send to the users the rules to join the experience and add pictures to the digital mosaic.
We send you a link to follow tile by tile the mosaic building up over the duration of the event. It's live on your smartphones, laptops or tablets.
The mosaic is built tile by tile using 2 options : a 3D interactive video or a 2D option where users can manually zoom in.

The Mosaic on your website

We will give you a HTML code that you can embed on your website.
The users will directly download the picture and add a comment from your website and their picture will become part of the larger online mosaic.

A much-cherished souvenir from your event.

After the virtual event, wan can print the Photo Mosaic and hang it in your office. We can provide a physical version printed to display in your offices.

Works on any device

A dedicated project manager

Hybrid experience in person or virtual

Data Analytics

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