Photo Mosaic

Create a collaborative artwork
with the best moments of your event.

The reveal of the Mosaic will bring your guests together around a common purpose :
create a logo, a new visual identity
and especially encourage consumers tointeract with your brand.

The Concept

When art meets Digital : the Photo Mosaic

Your guests will contribute to the success of your event

Before the event

Choose the design revealed by the mosaic


Your picture is printed
from the photo booth
size 10 x 15 cm


All your guest’s pictures will reveal your design artwork

The Mosaic Sizes

We have 3 classic sizes.
You can also ask for a customised size from 300 to 15 000 pictures.
We provide 2 sizes of labels : 5 cm x 5 cm and 10 cm x 10 cm.

EXHIBITION / FESTIVAL Size 1944 pictures 2,74 m X 1,82 m
LANDSCAPE or PORTRAIT Size 600 pictures 1,52 m X 1,02 m
SQUARE Size 625 pictures 1,27 m X 1,27 m


Our strengths



100% customisable, this digital artwork can be hung in the office of your company



This unique activation will encourage your guests or consumers to interact with your brand



Our teams will help you building a customised project and



Create a digital and physical mosaic from live event photos in real-time and share a moment in a collective spirit

Discover our instantly shareable photo and video experiences

To work alongside in all your projects, we create many products …


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